Consulado Movil Hightstown

I M P O R T A N T E    I N V I T A C I O N

Estimado compatriotas,

Les invitamos el Domingo 26 de Octubre,2014 a participar en el Consulado Movil a realizarce en la cuidad de Hightstown, NJ desde las 10am donde podras realizar varios de tus trámites consulares.

Direccion: 138 South Main St. Hightstown, NJ 08520



Consulado Movil Hightstown, NJ/octubre 2013

Cine de Exportación MADE IN ECUADOR / OCTUBRE 2014

I M P O R T A N T E  I N V I T A C I O N

Estimado compatriotas,
Les invitamos el próximo Sábado 18 de Octubre,2014 a la presentación de una historia basada en hechos reales “MONOS CON GALLINAS” a las 1:30pm en las instalaciones de este Consulado General ubicado en: 400 Market St 4to piso, Newark,, NJ 07105… HABRÁ SNACKS DURANTE LA PELÍCULA.


bzcvbdEl Consulado General del Ecuador en New Jersey y Pennylvania invita a la comunidad en general a celebrar su IV Aniversario del programa “Noches de Arte y Cultura”  Homenaje al Bolero, con la participación artística de OMAR MONTALVO quien presentarçá un Show  musical Romántico, con canciones que hicieron del ayer, una época maravillosa y llena de recuerdos.  En una buena selección de boleros acompañado del piano y músicos en vivo,  se podrán escuchar a artistas de todos los tiempos como los Panchos, Armando Manzanero, Lucho Gatica, Tito Rodríguez, Agustín Lara, Roberto Cantoral, y otros que le dan vida a este género musical. Reviviremos canciones como: Cuando ya no me quieras, Delirio, Encadenados, Hoja seca, Inolvidable, Llanto de luna, Mía, No me vayas a engañar, Nuestro juramento, Nosotros, Pecadora, Que sabes tú, Tú me acostumbraste, Usted, Tu, dónde estás?, Llévatela, Gema y muchas canciones más  conforman el inagotable repertorio romántico que se escucharan con el estilo inconfundible de Omar Montalvo. Para mayo informacion comunicate con el Consulado General del Ecuador en New Jersey y Pennsylvania al 9733446900

Embajada del Ecuador en Costa Rica habilita líneas telefónicas

  • El Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio e Integración informa que la Embajada del Ecuador en Costa Rica, con el propósito de garantizar la atención a los compatriotas que requieran  comunicarse con dicha sede diplomática, habilitó los teléfonos de emergencias 00 56 84103286 y 00 506 8718542.

Dichas líneas telefónicas permanecerán disponibles para los ciudadanos y ciudadanas hasta que sea posible reanudar las actividades normales en la Embajada, cuya sede fue afectada días atrás por un flagelo que consumió  una considerable parte de sus instalaciones.

BOLETÍN No. 1342

National Government reached Murcia in order to be held accountable before over 2.000 migrants

Those present congregated at Pavilion José María Cajigal in Murcia; there, the President was offered a warm welcome. After offering an interview in which he talked in depth about his analysis on the Spanish mortgage crisis that also affects our compatriots, he was prepared to start the awaited accountability report.

In the same manner as in Seville, a representative of the migrant population offered and emotive welcome speech for the President. Sara Cutiopala, who has resided in Spain for ten years, expressed that she was also a victim of the 1999 crisis and that she was forced to migrate to that country; she also affirmed that “it is the first time a President gives the faith, hope, dignity, and sovereignty back to the people”.

Correa also made a reminder of the 99’s Ecuadorian crisis; he expressed that “almost the 60% of children from the commune of Chinchi, in Chimborazo, grew up without their parents because of the horrors of the crisis that forced many people to migrate”.

During the report offered to the Ecuadorian residents, the President went over topics like generation of relegated works, higher tax collection, salaries improvement in different areas from the public sector. He pointed out that Ecuador maintains the lowest unemployment rate in the region. He also talked about increasing social security coverage, which he described as an unwaivable right. He showed the advance in the energy issue with the construction of new hydroelectric power stations by 2016.

He finished his intervention by congratulating Ecuadorian people and highlighting that “the main change I see in the country is the change of attitude of people; we have gotten our faith and self-esteem back”.

The visit of President, Rafael Correa, through Spain along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration, Ricardo Patiño, and the official delegation of the country is still fulfilling its agenda in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid this weekend from November.


Ricardo Patiño: The Government of Ecuador is popular, not populist

On interviews given to different Spanish media, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration, Ricardo Patiño, explained that there are marked differences in the work quality of the National Government, which has tried to prove through the accountability offered by President Rafael Correa, in various cities of Italy and Spain.

He started talking about the quality of public policy; they should be responsible and also benefit the population. Concerning this he cited the example of health, “Ecuador has a National System of Health and hospitals all over the national territory work under such a system,” he said.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration pointed out that other of the most important advances of the regime is the work related to the Rights of Nature, “as human beings we must safeguard natural resources”… those details, among many others of our administration, are what makes us a popular Government and not a populist one,” he claimed.

“A populist government opens up hundreds of schools but without quality or service improvements; while the popular, seeks to generate quality before quantity, and makes improvements in all aspects, whether concerning health, education, or any other public sector that must be managed with responsibility by the State,” expressed the Minister.

Assange’s case and Freedom of Speech

He was consulted about the asylum given to Julian Assange, director of WikiLeaks. Patiño expressed that “we are all entitled to book information, and, especially, when it comes to national sovereignty, but WikiLeaks brought to light information related to attacks against human rights… not to disclose this information would have turned him into an accomplice of impunity,” he said.

On the other hand, the Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration said that the National Government has a clear conscience, because there is nothing to hide on the Wikileaks case; it suggested that all information relating to Ecuador should be disclosed in public form and did so then.

However, on the topic of information, Patiño manifested that there is a concentration of power in the Ecuadorian media, but before this fact, “the Government has faced the lies of the media with the truth, which decreased the power of some mass media, that instead of informing the citizens would make political activism… before, the media had 70% of credibility, but their actions have dragged them now to a 30% of credibility”, he expressed.

Latin American Integration

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador also referred to the topic of Latin American Integration, aspect that was treated extensively in the XXII Ibero-American Summit, which was held on November 16th and 17th  in the city of Cadiz.

In this regard, Patiño said that the integration goes through good path, but recognized that it “ideological colonialism and intellectual vassalage still exist”. In spite of that, the regional integration is something that can still be “glimpsed with more potentiality, even with the political differences of each country, the process of becoming unified regionally should go above the political trends because what we are searching for is a benefit for our towns”, he concluded.

The Minister offered these declarations at the Palace of Conventions in Madrid, moments after the President of the Republic, Rafael Correa, gave accounts before migrants residing in this city, an event that brought together more than 3,000 Ecuadorians; the act was also conducted throughout the week, in the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Murcia, and Seville, and also in the Italian city of Milan.

At the end of the meeting in the Palace of Conventions, the mission of the Ecuadorian Government went to the Barajas airport and returned to the city of Quito to continue with their regular activities.